How To Create Viral Content On Tiktok 2022

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Are you using TikTok or Instagram for business? Looking for a content strategy that works and won’t leave you exhausted?

In this article, you’ll discover a three-step strategy to create highly engaging TikTok and Instagram content that will scale your audience while helping you avoid burnout.

Why Should Businesses Consider Short-Form Video on TikTok and Instagram?

Every business can use educational content to attract consumers on social media platforms. The question most marketers and business owners face is how and where to provide that content to their target audience.

Short-form TikTok videos and Instagram videos are strong contenders for three reasons.

  • The barrier to entry is low because both platforms make it easy to set up profiles and begin publishing content.
  • You can quickly test new topics or delivery styles because you’re not producing a single, hour-long video that requires a significant investment of time or money.
  • Incorporating trending audio into your videos plays into the algorithms so you reach more people.

Understanding that short-form content delivers results is one thing; keeping up with the demand for new short-form video content without feeling exhausted is another.

Tap into the three-pillar strategy below to consistently create and publish highly engaging content that scales your audience while helping you avoid burnout.

A Part Strategy to Create Successful Short-Form Video for TikTok and Instagram

At a high level, this strategy relies on polarity, creativity, and energy management.


To incorporate polarity in your video content, you’ll combine two things that aren’t typically associated with each other to attract viewers and spark conversation.

The polarity or surprise of seeing two disparate elements works in your favor because it jars people’s minds and allows viewers across the spectrum of interest to engage with your video.

For example, Kat Norton combines Excel tips with dancing and music.

Some people love it. “Wow, I would’ve never thought to combine Excel and dancing and music!”

Some people hate it. “What is this girl doing?”

Some people fall anywhere in between. “What’s happening here?”

The polarity gives people an opening to comment on, react to, or share the video. Regardless of the sentiment, the algorithms see increased engagement so the video is surfaced to more people.

The key to successfully leveraging polarity is authenticity. If you’re uncomfortable with what you’re doing, that feeling is likely to register with viewers on a subconscious level. Rather than creating affinity, you’ll be putting up an invisible barrier.

Pick something you genuinely love and then brainstorm ways to combine it with your content delivery. For example, if you’re in the real estate business and you love golf, you can video yourself taking swings at the golf ball. With each swing, you use effects to hit a real estate tip onto the screen.

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Many people can get held up by the limiting belief, “I’m not creative.”

In reality, every person’s makeup includes a creative element. Think back to your younger self. What did you enjoy—drawing, painting, singing, dancing, writing, acting, or something else? Maybe you’re a cook who creates new recipes or an engineer who finds solutions to problems. Creativity takes many forms.

Moving forward with creativity is simply a matter of understanding why you believe you aren’t creative. Maybe it’s because you no longer have an outlet for your creativity.

Once you’ve acknowledged your creativity, you can learn how to get into your own unique creative flow.

Your brain has two sides, each of which focuses on different functions. The left side is more analytical and the right side is more creative. If you try to move immediately from an activity that engages the left side of your brain straight into another activity that requires engaging the right side of your brain, you’ll likely end up frustrated.

Your brain needs time to switch gears.

This process looks different for everybody but engaging in activities that put your mind on autopilot before you step into the creative ideation process is a good place to start. Go outside and take a walk, meditate, dance, draw… do anything that allows your mind to wander freely for a few hours.

As ideas come to you, make note of them using whatever tools work best for you.

Energy Management

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. The topic of time management focuses on what you do during finite slices of that time.

This strategy puts more emphasis on how you show up so you can increase your productivity within the constraints of that finite time block. It all relates to learning how to work with the left and right sides of your brain.

Rather than organizing your time around task priority, try organizing tasks based on the sides of the brain they engage.

Not only will you be able to accomplish more during each time block, but also your mental state and physical energy will improve because you’re not requiring your brain to flip-flop multiple times every hour or day. You’re harnessing and channeling the energy you need and applying it how and where it matters most in your day.

Want to test it out? Instead of trying to force creativity by shoehorning a 30-minute brainstorming session in between several meetings and analytical activities, dedicate 3 full hours to creative ideation and see what happens.

Create videos with viral-friendly formats

Consider that some video formats on TikTok are more likely to take off than others. For starters, the following should be central to your content strategy.

Create videos with viral-friendly formats

Consider that some video formats on TikTok are more likely to take off than others. For starters, the following should be central to your content strategy.

“Did you know?” Videos

Food for thought: 49% of content discovery on TikTok is driven by the desire to “learn something new.”

This speaks to the popularity of edutainment-style content on the platform. Below is a fantastic example from REI featuring commonly mispronounced products sold by the brand. Lighthearted humor that teaches viewers something is the perfect combo for views.

How-to videos

Speaking of teaching, how-tos and tutorials dominate TikTok for a reason. This is especially true among #BeautyTok.

Here’s a minimalist example from Lashify. This video earned over 8 million views, providing that going viral on TikTok doesn’t require a ton of production value.

“Watch what happens” videos

Given the scroll-heavy nature of TikTok, anything you can do to keep viewers glued to your content is a plus.

That’s why content that showcases progress or a “before and after” is so popular. People can’t help but want to find out what the end product looks like and will stick around until the end of your video to find out.

For example, consider how recipe time lapses are all the rage. Here’s an example from Nespresso that earned 5+ million views.

This home decor showcasing the transformation of thrift store finds is another great example, earning over 3.4 million “Likes.” No editing tricks required!

What do these videos have in common? They include built-in hooks to keep people watching until the end.

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2. When in doubt, keep your videos on the shorter side (<15 seconds)

Hey, speaking of watching until the end!

Conventional wisdom says that short videos are ideal for going viral on TikTok. Anecdotally, the most popular videos on the platform rarely approach the minute or even 30-second mark.

Also, we know that the TikTok algorithm rewards videos with higher completion rates. Shorter videos tend to get watched in full, especially if they have a hook as we talked about earlier.

Shorter videos aren’t the be-all, end-all of viral content, though. You should experiment for yourself to figure out what video length tends to perform best for your target audience.

3. Feature real people in your content

According to TikTok, creators boost engagement on both paid and organic content. This speaks to the popularity of creator and influencer partnerships with brands on TikTok.

It’s no coincidence that most viral videos from brands are tied to creator accounts, not the brands themselves. Check out @makeupbytammi ‘s viral video for Rimmel London that earned 18+ million views.

Authentic and relatable, creator content instantly defuses any sense of a sales pitch for brands.

Consider also that creators have a strong pulse on what TikTokers want to see. Their insights can help brands tap into trends and content types that speak to their communities.

4. Piggyback on popular videos and TikTok trends

Food for thought: 97% of video views on TikTok come from the “For You” page. There’s no better place to do some trendspotting and uncover what people are buzzing about.

Trending audio. Skits and challenges. Viral products.

Tracking all of the above is crucial. The problem? Content moves so quickly that most TikTok trends have a short shelf-life.

But if you can piggyback on a relevant trend, you may very well go viral.

Here’s an example from Coach featuring recently trending audio from Clueless. Earning 2.5+ million, this clip was a perfect match for their promotional throwback to the 90s.

Brands should also mind ongoing content trends and popular content formats. For example, the #ASMR hashtag on TikTok has over 340 billion (yes, billion) views.

Check out how Cheez-Its managed to earn millions of views with their ridiculous video hopping on the “tingly” audio bandwagon.

TikTok and comedy go hand in hand. Fact: humor represents the most effective form of messaging for modern customers. Note how brands like Duolingo have leaned so heavily into humor that almost all of their videos have viral potential.

Comedy isn’t a guaranteed way to get more views on TikTok. That said, humorous videos are more likely to showcase the personality that viewers want to see from brands.

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5. Don’t ignore your captions, hashtags and descriptions

Content comes first when it comes to going viral.

Still, there’s some fine-tuning you can do to your videos to increase their likelihood to earn reach. This includes:

  • Captions. It’s no secret that many people watch social videos without sound. Featuring captions in your videos means you can reach the widest audience possible.
  • Hashtags. Choose your TikTok hashtags wisely. Trending and community tags (#BeautyTok or #BookTok) can help you earn visibility and get boosted as a result.
  • Descriptions. This is yet another opportunity to drive engagement. Questions and calls to action can do the trick. So can descriptions that encourage read-throughs to keep viewers on your video.

For example, check out the video below from Positive Piece Puzzles that went viral within the #selfcare hashtag. The description gives context to the video and the caption serves as a natural hook.

6. Focus on going viral within your community

Niche down to expand your reach.

Seems a bit backward, right? Hear us out!

TikTok’s audience is so massive right now that “generalist” videos are likely to get lost in the shuffle. On the flip side, niching down and creating buzzworthy content for specific communities is a smart move.

Below is an example from Barnes and Noble that went viral among #BookTok, earning over a million views. Bonus points for the humorous angle and featuring real people!

TikTok notes that hashtag categorization resulted in a 151% growth in video views during 2021. Going viral within a community is a much less lofty (and more realistic!) goal than making the FYP overnight.

7. Publish consistently to keep your momentum going

Keep in mind that social media algorithms reward consistency. TikTok is no exception.

That’s why brands that post regularly tend to earn reach on the regular. Look at Crumbl Cookies’ TikTok presence as evidence.

Consistently posting goes hand in hand with consistent interactions and engagement. This helps put your account in good standing with the algorithm.

The more content you post and engagement drive, the more likely you are to figure out how to go viral. You might pick up on a content theme that takes off and can keep the trend going to maximize your viewership.

For example, Off Limits cereal earned millions of views through their “reverse stealing” series. These videos involved sneaking their product into stores and then purchasing it themselves. This series is among the most popular content the brand has published.

8. Buy TikTok Followers

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Why Is TikTok Important?

TikTok changes all we know about the nature of social media. Millions of teens and young adults around the globe started to use it. Let’s see why TikTok is important:

  • TikTok is used by a younger generation open to discovering new things.
  • It is easy to create interesting content on TikTok.
  • TikTok has a large number of daily users.
  • Since it is a popular app, you can promote your business without much effort.
  • If you catch the trend, you can go viral.

Other social media giants like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook are deeply concerned by this rapid rise in popularity. It has more than 2 billion users worldwide and at least 800 million daily active users. You can become famous on this platform as well. However, how can you make that dream come true if you have no followers and no likes at all?

TikTok is not only important because many teens use it. Nowadays, it is becoming to be a top platform. After TikTok began its rise, some companies started to have TikTok accounts as well. This started to make the application look more professional. Since companies started to pay attention to TikTok, its importance is definitely raised. That is why TikTok is important.

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Buy TikTok views to raise awareness! “How to get views on TikTok” is a question we receive as often as the ones that go “how to get free Instagram likes.” But the answers may vary. Yet, the best way to get views on TikTok remains the same. By buying views, you can brute force your way to popularity on TikTok. “How many likes on TikTok to get paid” is also another question we frequently receive. To get paid, you need more than 10,000 views over the last month, and for that reason, you should buy TikTok views and likes.

TikTok is a massively popular app, and it has a huge fanbase. Especially in its hometown, Asia, people are crazy about it. TikTok’s popularity is rising rapidly, and other significant social media platforms like Instagram can not do much to stop it. More than 2 billion people have downloaded TikTok, and around 800 million people worldwide log in daily to the app. It’s evident that this rise in popularity will not stop any time soon.

You have to be active on any social media platform if you wish to maintain your presence and make a living as an influencer if that’s what you desire. People care about how many views, TikTok likes, or TikTok followers you have on your account.

How to Buy TikTok Views

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Steps to Buy TikTok Views

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How long does it take to go viral on TikTok?

The short answer? It depends!

No brand, agency or creator can guarantee viral content. Reaching that level requires experimentation and consistency. Not to mention a little bit of luck.

Taking the time to build and engage a community with trendy, topical content is the first step. Whether it takes weeks or months to make that happen really depends on you and your resources.

A 3-Day Timeline to Batch 10 Videos a Week

Dedicate all or a significant portion of one day a week to ideating in the creative flow state. During this time, you’ll come up with topics to cover and find inspiration for including elements of polarity in your videos.

Near the end of that day, spend an hour or so researching trending content on TikTok and Instagram. Because you’re still in the creative flow state, your brain will begin to connect your content ideas to trending songs and videos.

All that’s left is to map each idea into a content plan so it’s ready for your next day of recording.

Dedicate a second day of the week to create videos. A full day may seem like a lot but you’ll use this time for hair, makeup, lighting, and so on before you batch-create your videos.

Dedicate a third day to video editing. As you’re working on each video, be mindful of video length. Try to keep your quick tip videos as close to the 15-second mark as possible and your storytelling videos under 60 seconds.

Regardless of the style of video, the choice of music or sound is what makes the biggest difference. But there are a couple of things you can do to give your content an edge on the competition.

Tips for Improving Average Watch Time and Retention on Short-Form Video on Instagram and TikTok

Whether you’re creating short-form video for TikTok, Instagram, or both, the first couple of seconds are critical to attracting and engaging your viewer.

Kat understands that her audience is often looking for solutions to a problem. She starts many of her videos by showing the promised result and then walks the viewer through the steps to achieve that result. Once she has them watching, they’ll likely watch the looping video a few times to fully comprehend the solution she’s showcasing.

Another way to pull viewers into watching a full video is to leverage entertaining storytelling. For example, Kat has started acting as different characters in a single video. She might start the video dressed and acting as The Boss, then switch to The Co-Worker, and then switch to herself.

Do you have what it takes to go viral on TikTok?

Again, making your video trend on TikTok doesn’t have to be a pipe dream.

Testing the tips above can set your videos up for greater reach. There’s a reason why so many brands on TikTok stick to these best practices.

Still trying to navigate TikTok? Want to learn more about what “success” looks like with short-form video? We’ve got you covered!

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